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    Saxon driving a Gloucestershire Police BMW Car

    Our four- or five-day Pathfinder courses cost £360 per student.

    Bursaries of £120 may be granted to reduce the price to £240 for those who for financial, educational, health or other personal reasons would be unable to take part without that support.

    All Yorkshire & Humberside residents will qualify for a £180 subsidy. This reduces the cost to £180 for the four-day course.

    If you meet these criteria then simply confirm this during the booking process, and we will validate on receipt of your order. If you do not qualify for a bursary under the reasons given, or your circumstances are such that you still could not afford to participate then please apply here.

    Please ensure you have read the FAQs and our Terms & Conditions before booking. Book today with just £60 deposit - the balance becomes due 8 weeks before the event.

    Contact us on 07786 510060 to enquire about availability for events or book online below.

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    Seighford April 2022

    Seighford Stafford Driving Centre, Clanford Road, Seighford, Staffordshire

    A four-day Pathfinder course running during August at Seighford, near Stafford in the week leading to Good Friday. The large concrete pan at Stafford Driving Centre is an excellent place to start your driving journey, with plenty of practice space for students and a varied layout that will develop through the week.

    £50.00 – £60.00

    Tockwith April 2022

    Tockwith Tockwith Airfield, York, Yorkshire

    A four-day Pathfinder course running at Tockwith, Yorkshire. The event runs daily from 08:30 until 16:00 from Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd April 2022. All Yorkshire & Humberside residents will qualify for a £180 subsidy.

    £50.00 – £60.00