We developed Pathfinder to determine whether our instruction methodology could deliver benefits to novice drivers through a short, intensive programme developing both appropriate attitudes and essential technical skills. As a Student on the Pathfinder Programme, you will have appreciated the value of the programme.

This survey is important – the results will help us to:

  • Improve what we do;
  • Provide evidence to our funding partners of the value of the project;
  • Provide evidence to the Insurance industry of the reduction in risk.

It should only take 10 minutes to complete and will enable us to quantify the tangible benefits received by Pathfinder Students versus their peer group nationally. By demonstrating the benefits of Pathfinder we aim to achieve a sustainable reduction in accidents, injuries and deaths, encourage more official support for the project and wider participation. To help, just tell us about your driving career to date, whether you’ve passed your test or been driving for years. If you’re driving on the public roads, please complete the survey. It won’t take long; it’s almost all tick boxes and there are no wrong answers! Just be honest in your answers.

The information you give is confidential and will not be used in any other way.

Thank you for taking part.

Please note, this survey is intended for students of The Pathfinder Project that have since completed their full driving test.