The Under 17 Car Club is split into 3 organisations. The Club itself, the Pathfinder Project which aims to provide a Car Club experience for 15-17 year olds focused on driving safety, and The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust which manages the operations of the organisation.


The Pathfinder Project developed from our recognition that there are many other young people who could benefit from The Under 17 Car Club approach to developing safe drivers. Started as a one-off experiment in 2008 supported by Warwickshire County Council Road Safety Unit, we set out to establish whether the core attitudes and disciplines essential to safe driving could be conveyed in an intense 5 day programme. The evidence suggests that they can.

We are proud to now be supported by the Police and Crime Commissioners and Police Forces of Gloucestershire, West Mercia and Warwickshire, Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership and the Institute of Advanced Motorists Roadsmart organisation.