Pathfinder Advanced Driver Scholarship

The Pathfinder Initiative is delivered by The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust (the Trust), which aims to improve road safety by educating young people to be responsible and safe drivers, once they are 17 and eligible for a DVSA licence.

For the first ten people to apply in each calendar year, young people who have graduated from Pathfinder since 1st January 2019 can apply for a Pathfinder Advanced Driver Scholarship and receive a substantial rebate on their iAMRoadsmart membership fee upon achieving Advanced Driver status.

You are eligible for the Pathfinder Advanced Driver Scholarship if :

  • you have completed a Pathfinder event in the two years, prior to applying for an advanced driver scholarship, but
  • you were not eligible to join the Under 17 Car Club due to age restrictions, or 
  • joining the Under 17 Car Club would have been impractical for you due to distance from venues, and
  • you have passed the DVSA driving test and have a car that is road legal and you are insured to drive.

Having passed your DVSA test complete the application form on this page advising that you intend to pursue the iAMRoadsmart advanced test.

  • We will confirm eligibility and availability and amount of funding in writing.
  • Once you have received confirmation you will apply to iAMRoadSmart in the normal manner and pay the standard fee.
  • iAMRoadSmart will allocate you to a local Group.
  • you will notify us of the Group to which you are allocated.
  • we will contact that Group and ensure they are aware of Pathfinder.
  • you will progress through the iAMRoadSmart scheme in the usual manner and take the Advanced Driving Test when ready.
  • on passing the test, you will notify us, providing evidence of success via a copy of the iAMRoadSmart Test report.
  • we will send you the promised rebate.

By applying for a scholarship you grant the Trust permission to:

  • use necessary personal information to communicate with your allocated group.
  • publicise your success in promoting the aims of the Pathfinder Initiative.

Advanced Driver Scholarship

  • Please submit adult/associate email address if you are under 18.
  • Please submit adult/associate contact number if you are under 18.
  • I confirm that I have passed the DVSA Driving Test
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.