Approximately two weeks before the start of your #SafeAt17 event we’ll start emailing you links to complete to register for attendance at the course.

Step 1: Indemnity form

The word ‘member’ on the indemnity refers to all participants (including adults). When we have received your completed indemnity – without which you cannot be admitted – we will send you instructions for the attendance registration form and theory tests.

Indemnity Form

Step 2: attendance registration form

Once you have completed the Indemnity Form we ask that you to complete an Attendance Registration Form.

Buttons for these are below – please make sure you complete the right one for your upcoming course!

Step 3: your first theory test

Each day at Pathfinder you’ll be asked to complete a theory test. These are all available via our website for you to complete. You may be asked to complete a different theory test depending on which course you are attending so please do check your emails.

Theory Tests